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There are many ingredients to a successful and memorable event, but one of the most important is ensuring your guests are well-cared for from beginning to end.  A warm and inviting venue sets the stage, music amplifies the tone, and a generous libation and tasty bite delight the senses as your guests come together to mix and mingle. All of these combine to create a memorable experience.


For more than 50 years, Knight's Catering has been bringing these ingredients together to create the perfect event for any occasion. Whether planning a corporate or professional event or bringing family and friends together for a special occasion, we have the experience to make your event truly special.


Our Approach


Under the direction of our talented and dedicated team of catering and event production professionals, we create harmonious events that leave you and your guests wishing the party would never end.


  • We offer full-service event production and catering services as well as drop-off catering deliveries

  • We use the finest local products available to ensure bright colors, flavors and experiences

  • We pride ourselves on having the experience and creativity to deliver events that are well-crafted, memorable and fun, but also delivered within your budget

  • Our seasoned staff has the experience to anticipate and accommodate, but is also flexible enough to recalibrate as needed

  • Every event is unique so we create comprehensive and customized event proposals just for you.  Please contact us for sample pricing as market rates influence menu pricing.


   Every event and client is unique, but our goal is always the same:


We strive to exceed expectations!

Not sure where to begin?


Planning an event can be an overwhelming experience.  If you aren't quite sure how to get started, we can help.  
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